Melanie is an honest, committed and highly perceptive person, who is able to combine genuine empathy and a refreshingly direct approach with people. She connects with others with ease through her warmth and her great sense of humour, while also tuning in below the surface so that people feel truly seen and heard. She likes to learn new ways of developing her skills and understanding and has a passion for self-development and to share her experience with others. I believe that Melanie offers the same qualities in her working life as she does in her personal life, as she is one of the most authentic people I know. Gabs Havard

Mel sees things… She is incredibly observant and sensitive (in the right way!) to what is going on, and that combined with her maturity, experience, knowledge and ability to articulate make her a first-class counsellor. She’s courageous, well organised, enthusiastic, generous and positive. If you need encouragement or advice she’s great to have around! Anthony Phelips

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