Each of us is affected in different ways and at different levels by the recent health, economic and climate crisis. All of us will feel in some way or another pushed into extreme psychological territories, within ourselves and our relationships at both a personal and/or professional level. For most of us this may be a time of distress and upheaval with many uncertainties about what the future holds.

I am committed to and experienced in providing counselling in times of crisis. I am very familiar with online and telephone counselling and find it works just as well as face-to-face. Being safe and experiencing safety is essential at this time however, there will undoubtedly be additional stresses of feeling confined and alone or having little alone time if you are at home with a family. In my experience, this is the time where we all need support and a listening ear. Being aware of the possible financial uncertainties we face reduced fees are available.

I have significant experience working alongside social care and specialised in building a relationship and mediating families who are in crisis and trauma. Further to this, I am also a Foundational Theraplay® practitioner in this role I bring parents and their children together at a time when behaviours and challenges seem out of control with the aim of achieving a naturally more regulated integrated system. I have many years personal practice of meditation using simple but anchoring techniques to help calm and focus the mind and regain an inner control so that I can be free to take on life challenges with less force or fear.

Melanie Bain is a humanistic counsellor based in Oxford offering confidential and professional counselling offering face to face and online options. Melanie is accredited and with the National Counselling Society and following their code of conduct and Covid 19 guidelines as well as the Government Covid 19 guidelines.  

She has a post-graduate diploma in humanistic counselling and supervision from the Kinharvie Institute, Caledonian University of Glasgow, where she attended between 2001 and 2004.I am an accredited registered member of NCS



I am a child and young people's therapist. (CYPT) ACCREDITED REGISTER